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Here’s your average American woman: :american: I’m sure my foreign readers are wondering if I’m fucking around. She is average if you account for the entire United States and not just metropolitan cities.

Here’s your average Colombian woman: Yeah she has the thunder thighs, and most likely a little roll above her vagina, but nothing that would rule her out from sex. “But Roosh not American girls are fat.” True but the small supply of skinny ones causes their market value to shoot through the roof, kind of like what happened to Beanie Babies and the Wii.

For all of you stuck in the States gaming these girls, you have my sympathy, as I did it for many years.

At Colombian we have 1000s of beautiful, sexy and single Colombian girls seeking dating, romance, love, marriage or friendship with single men from Colombia and all over the world.

They have created online profiles and uploaded their photos on our site to help in your search for the perfect Colombian woman.

It’s no secret that Colombian girls are a chubby bunch thanks to the grease that finds its way in every meal.

While it wouldn’t hurt for them to lose between 5-10 pounds, most between the ages of 18-30 are bangable.

Yes, I’m coming out to say that at least 51% of Colombian girls are sex worthy. The other day I was in the Medellin immigration office to renew my tourist visa along with a couple dozen other gringos.A drink or two and you’ll ram a lot of what you see on the streets. There were three American girls that I identified through their accent, and do you know what all three had in common? I forgot about bad it was in America until their unsightly masses reminded me.The chubby Colombian girls will have a fun, feminine vibe that makes you still want to fuck them, but American girls don’t have this—without looks you get a debater who wears flip-flops and reads supermarket magazines to learn how to please a man.I love getting into a conversation about American women with gringo men because of the nonstop brutality and laughs that ensue.No foreign man prefers American girls except loser Italian guys.They are the worst in the world, though British girls are pretty damn close.

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