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General creeds are mere declarations of prevalent doctrinal views, to which no assent beyond one's personal conviction need be given.

They agree in the rejection of infant baptism as contrary to the Scriptures, and in the acceptance of immersion as the sole valid mode of baptism.

All children who die before the age of responsibility will nevertheless be saved.

Baptism and the Eucharist, the only two sacraments, or ordinances as they call them, which Baptists generally admit, are not productive of grace, but are mere symbols.

It is generally accepted by the Baptists of England and the Southern States of the Union, whereas the Northern States are more attached to the New Hampshire Confession.

The latter was adopted by the New Hampshire State Convention in 1833.

Its slight doctrinal difference from the Philadelphia Confession consists in a milder presentation of the Calvinistic system.

Baptists hold that those only are members of the Church of Christ who have been baptized upon making a personal profession of faith.

A Protestant denomination which exists chiefly in English speaking countries and owes its name to its characteristic doctrine and practice regarding baptism.

The Baptists consider the Scriptures to be the sufficient and exclusive rule of faith and practice.

In the interpretation of them, every individual enjoys unrestricted freedom.

No non-Scriptural scheme of doctrines and duty is recognized as authoritative.

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