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It is the fifth-oldest and one of the largest senior colleges of the twenty-three institutions of higher learning of the City University of New York.

Often referred to as "The Jewel of the CUNY system," The college's 77-acre campus is located along Kissena Boulevard in the neighborhood of Flushing.

At its founding in 1937, Queens College was hailed by the people of the borough as “the college of the Fluture.” Located in a residential area of Flushing in the borough of Queens—America’s most ethnically diverse county—the college has students from more than 150 nations.

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If ten or more men are present, insert the words in parentheses. Often, all will sing the first benediction aloud together.

(And when young children are present, it is common to sing all the bentching out loud.) The first benediction is traditionally attributed to Moses.

It is said in appreciation of sustenance and the divine providential care shown to all creatures: -nu, v'lo li-dei ma-t'nat ba-sar v'dam, v'lo li-dei hal-va-a-tam, ki im l'ya-d'cha ha-m'lei-ah ha-p'tu-chah ha-k'do-shah v'ha-r'cha-vah, she-lo nei-vosh v'lo ni-ka-leim l'o-lam va-ed.

Queens College (QC) is a public university located in Queens, New York.

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If three or more adult male Jews participated in the meal, one of them leads the group and inserts a formal zimun ("invitation") before the Birkat Ha Mazon (The Grace After Meals).

The leader recites the text in blue; all others recite the text in red.

In 2013, Queens College was ranked #2 nationally by the Washington Monthly for "best bang for your buck" education.

Before Queens College was established in 1937, the site of the campus was home to the Jamaica Academy, a one-room schoolhouse built in the early 19th century, where Walt Whitman once worked as teacher.

In 1909, the New York Parental School, a home for troubled boys, opened on the land surrounding the future site of Queens College and incorporated Jamaica Academy on its campus.

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