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Your questions are greatly appreciated and I am happy to see that so many of you around the world are keeping the art of writing alive and well.

It is my pleasure to answer your questions with as much attention as I possibly can and I will do my best to respond as soon as possible.

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My biggest passion next to writing novels is helping aspiring writers like yourselves succeed, however there some limitations as to the kind of questions and requests I can answer – Inquiries I cannot answer include: – Requests for manuscript editing/publishing/reviews – Personal Contacts for entertainment/literary agents – Pitches and other kinds of queries – Links to buyers Self-Publishing Platforms: Watt Pad | Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing | Smashwords | Book Baby Agent Databases Agent Association | Writers Market | Poets&Writers Highly recommended Industry blogs/services for Screenwriters and Novelists who need direction/feedback on their work The Producer’s Perspective | Author House | Book Hive (For those of you wanting feedback on your manuscripts) | Writing-World: “Securing Film Rights to Published Material” Mr.

Adler, I am a college student majoring in film production.

I have come across a short story written by a fellow student in a creative writing class.

Their story was fantastic and I have reached out to them to ask if I can turn it into an adapted screenplay and off of that, produce a short film. that fellow student needs to have their work copyrighted before you do anything with it.

The student agreed and said they would be open to that, however, they want me to come up with a contract that states that the short story is theirs and to give them credit for the original idea of the short, and I guess, if I were to ever make money off of it, that they would too. I’ve tried researching a little, I was thinking of drawing up some sort of contract and getting it notorized. I don’t know the extent to which you plan on distributing the final film so I cannot answer as to what the exact parameters of your contract should be – I would consult an entertainment lawyer.

But, what is the best way for them to either copyright the story first and then me to come up with a contract? But a good reference for a sample contract can be found here: I’ve been writing for years under another name because my African name seems to put a lot of clients off or encourages them to exploit me. How much should I have asked for and where can I find better buyers next time?

Recently, I wrote an e-book so I could sell the publishing rights to either a publishing company or a private client. Hello Mpho, I understand where you’re coming from in terms of choosing to write under a pen name – this is something that is often done by many writers – it is a shame that at this stage in our progress in the writing world people still make judgements based on superficial things like an individual’s name.

Congratulations on getting your rights sold to a publishing company. I am…well call myself a writer and I create movies.

Honestly, as an advance, 0 sounds pretty normal – I have been paid around that and even a little less by certain foreign publishers. (I’m just in high school so don’t worry I’m not some hot shot).

You can always try renegotiating but at the end of the day it is up to the discretion of the publisher – hopefully you’re getting a good deal in terms of royalty percentages. My question is basically…if I wanted to turn a bunch of books into a movie or TV show…who exactly would I have to contact? Marquelle, thanks for your question and apologies for the delay in my response.

There is no exact science or guarantee that you’ll have your work picked up but You’ll have to query literary agents who are plugged into the film/TV industry.

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