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And, far from spooking the toddler, she is holding it gently but firmly on her shrouded lap.

The moment photography became cheaply and easily available in the late 1850s, thousands of ordinary middle- and working-class parents queued to capture their child’s image. Here is the Victorian equivalent of an i Phone snap taken from the delivery room and posted immediately to Instagram.

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“Yet at the same time, the mother was expected to hide any sign that she was actually in the frame.” The results were frequently bizarre, with the viewer expected somehow to ignore the creepy figure that loomed in the background like a bulky ghost.

Nagler, 37, has now turned her collection of “hidden mother” photographs into a book.

Every page reveals the lengths mothers went to in order to extend their repertoire of disguises.

Some have covered themselves in flowery chintz and pretend to be armchairs.

At first glance you can’t understand why the child in the photograph is not screaming its head off.

Clamped in position by a sinister shrouded figure, the toddler seems solemn certainly, but hardly terrified.Look a little harder, though, and you begin to unravel the visual and emotional dynamics in play.The bundled-up figure is actually the child’s mother.Others duck down behind the sofa, so that only their hands are in view, displaying the child like a puppet.Others turn their heads away from the camera, lean out of shot or unpin their hair so it falls over their face like a curtain.One woman, perhaps fed up with the absurdity of it all, simply covers herself in a white sheet and hopes for the best. Many of the women have managed to make themselves more, rather than less, conspicuous.

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