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i just wanted to let you know sometime someday once again I want to taste the tenderness of your powerful kiss that seemed to fill me with an overwhelming and all consuming amazement of pure white light that preceded out from the deepest depths of your soul the lust how it sparkled and twined falling out along my skin from the tiny tips of your fingers as if fluently you drew on me but thrice between tender movements of darkened sexuality how you lightly kissed me with a trust that taught me love and your tongue caressing circles it emaciated your feeling in such a thoughtful tender way that it dissolved into a thousand tiny droplets mellifluous and effervescent and how our love so seemingly spilt out into the night escaping into the dark sky above not even caught by that little dipper you know the only one we ever distinguished as we strained up into the sky hand in gentle hand the sounds of the car's radio drifting through the night never held a candle to the sound of your sweet voice and how our intransitive senses bound and confused us as if in a red string used to wrap gifts it cut deeply so elegant and precise so giving and so trusting the sea gently laps against smooth stones and the tracks are silent now and that train doesn't glide through here anymore but I just wanted to let you know that in spite of the fact that I never wrote you a love note or a poem you meant the world to me and maybe I just never found the words to show you how I cared before if only for a maybe and a sometime someday and once again I'll be there for you (c) September 3, 2002, Steven H.

Still sometimes you will get responses from individuals that desire a bit of hard-core sex-chat or perhaps many others who will want to meet-up in person.

There are so many different types of persons who call the chatline.

You will certainly be capable of quickly and without difficulty deciding the various kinds of that you want to talk with, as well as the sort of interesting and fun things that you feel comfortable and safe talking about.

I think she remembered the events of last night, as she was very excited.

And when we crossed the threshold of the house, she pulled off her panties, lashed out at me and said “I love you really want.” PREFACE.

will be everyday men and women that are identical to you in many respects.

They are attempting to have a secure and safe chat and the happiness that goes with that.

Wife so violently hugged me and pressed his flaming body, I again felt uneasy. The door was ajar, so I was able to quietly coming up to look into the living room, lit by a dim lamp.

I gave her this time just myself, all the tenderness and temperament, which is capable of, and yet felt that Jessica was left unsatisfied. Jessica was reclining on the couch, her transparent nightgown was raised to the chest.

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