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Simmons: I think Dan Duquette's going to remain in his office and keep trying to make trades until they ban him from the premises. OU guys: What was the deal with evil Wayne Gretzky during the Olympics and that icy glare he had during every game? Like a Michael-Douglas-in-"Falling-Down" kind of thing.

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Free online chat with amy fisher

(Forget Dennis Miller) At least I can watch Fox's coverage of the NFL again! Reason I ask is your must-own DVDs feature was right on -- great call on "Cruel Intentions" btw. Simmons: One DVD that just came out: The first season of "The Larry Sanders Show." It's only like $40 at Best Buy. Shay: Hey, what are your thoughts on the MJ-less Wizards? Simmons: I can't see how they could possibly hold the fort without MJ. Cohan: BSG, we just bought our tickets to the Houston Rockets game that features Moochie Norris bobbleheads ... I'm guessing that Mastercard can make a Priceless commercial out of them?! And she watches "Queer As Folk." Those are the only two. Snoop is the coolest human being of the past 100 years.

(I know you missed their coverage, 'cause you were at the game, you lucky B*$%#! Anyway, did ABC botch this one by losing Dan Fouts? Razorpike (Fairfax): Any particular movies you're looking forward to in the next couple of months? Your back and legs will be hurting by the fourth inning unless you're shorter than 5-foot-5.

Personally, I can't stand Madden, and I think the Super Bowl coverage by him and Pat Summerall was awful! I have to be careful what I say here, with the ABC-ESPN connections, but let's just say I didn't think the old team was working that well. I was enjoying him in a "Brigitte Nielsen in 'Rocky 4' " kind of way. Apparently, the YES Network will be broadcasting their show from 1-to-4 every day ...

By Bill Simmons Page 2 columnist Page 2's Bill Simmons took your questions in a live chat Thursday. Matt: What do you think the Sox are going to do with Joe Kerrigan? Nobody in the clubhouse likes him, and they went 2-85 when he was managing last year. Golberg: I need your opinion on who the first person will be to defect from the WWF to the NWO (outside of X-Pac on his return).

Here is an edited transcript of what you and The Sports Guy had to say: Bill Simmons: Hey, everyone ... I'm hoping they fire everyone in a scene resembling the baptism scene at the end of "The Godfather" -- bodies getting whacked left and right Ed Jurak22: Now that the Duke is fired, will he start appearing on talk shows and actually talk like a human being about his time as Sox GM, or will he still be Robot Duke? Put it this way: You never would have seen Larry Bird making catty comments and acting like a yahoo in the luxury box.

Who's going to win the fight, Tonya Harding or Amy Fisher? she's proven that she'll do anything it takes to win. I need to know your expert opinion on the big news today. Set up a feud with him and the NWO, then have him go to the Dark Side in a stunning swerve. That's the strangest picture ever taken of me -- it looks like I just witnessed the birth of a child. Simmons: I think they will struggle for another few games as they get everyone acclimated -- they'll lose to Charlotte and Philly, then roll off a winning streak once everyone gets comfortable. Excluding Dylan, of course, because he has made it to a good show in "Oz." Simmons: I'm still amazed Jason Priestley never amounted to anything. C-Dog: Hey, Bill, what do you think of the Celtics trade, given that they've now lost three in a row since it was made? Simmons: I'd go with "Dismissed." That's a TREEEEEE-mendous show. I wish they had these shows back when I was in college -- I would have loved to have been on "Real World." By the way, can you imagine anything worse than being the boyfriend of a female cast member on "Real World" who's shacking up with everyone? PJS: Will you be watching "Survivor 4," or has it "jumped the shark"? Jay: Which former member of "90210" has the best shot of making it big again? The show when Dylan's drinking and he pulls up a chair to hang out with a passed-out Dylan -- that was Sir Laurence Olivier-caliber stuff. Very good defensive team that can score points when they need to. They need to have a "Celebrity Survivor," with all the loser celebs such as Darva Conger, Monida Lewinsky, Danny Bonaduce and everyone else. I don't think the Timberwolves can go all the way, but they could beat one of those teams in a series. He'll end up playing 35 minutes a game for them within a month. John (Atlanta): Who would you rather party with if you could party with either the guys from Outkast (representing the ATL) or Snoop and Dr. He had a posse of, like, 35 people and was drinking out of a cannister that said, "Snoop Dogg." Now that is comedy. I would cast him as a substitute teacher in an inner-city high school. H.): Do you get giddy every time you see the Pats' Super Bowl special edition SI commercial? "Take a chance, make it happen, pop the cork, fingers snappin', spin the wheel, 'round and 'round she goes ..." Simmons: "Life is short, life is sweet, grab yourself a front row seat ... Rip Hamilton is the only other above-average player on the team. I think the team to watch in the East is Charlotte -- I like the way they're playing. Adam (Vermont): This year I'll be making my first-ever Opening Day visit to Fenway. Simmons: All I know is that the Rockets better set me up with a Moochie bobblehead or I'm going to be pissed. Topher (Knoxville): BSG, does any team have a chance in hell of beating L. Simmons: I think Minnesota could upset one of them. C): Are there any shows on TV that the Sports Gal forces you to watch that make you want to set yourself on fire? On the flip side, I subject her to the WWF on a regular basis. Apparently, he was at the post-Super Bowl party for the Pats, and the Pats players were flocking around him like he was God. Michael: Have you ever heard a better jingle than the Foxwoods song?

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