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When filmmaker Avery Willard didn’t use the penname Bruce King, he developed his films under the title of Ava-Graph Films.

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It’s an eligible question to ask how would traveling tribes would make Aseed if they didn’t by the nature of their life style farm and cultivate grains.

The truth is, Yemeni tribes realized how harsh it could be to wander in this vast land.

With their survival instincts, and some engineering skills they managed to make dams right, and save water.

This reminds me of a story of my husband, who invited an American friend to have lunch with his family in a restaurant, so he joined in, food was served, everyone was enjoying their meal, it wasn’t long until they were asking for the check and leaving.

Later, the American friend called my husband and asked him if he offended his family by any way?! So he goes “you guys finished eating and left the restaurant so quickly, I thought I did something wrong! My husband went laughing, “Yemenis eat, they don’t dine”!

Astonishingly my husband answered:” not at all, infact they like you! So that’s one of the cultural things you will learn about Yemeni eating habits , where they spend less time eating, and more time later in the afternoon, socializing while chewing qat or on a cup of Kisher coffee.

In the past however, that was a time spent by tribal nomads traveling for survival in the wilderness.

A dish that you could find in the table of rich or poor equally sharing it with pride with their guests without the awkwardness of thinking of giving you an extra plate or spoon to yourself.

You simply dig in with your fingers, communally sharing it with the rest.

This act is enough to break the ice with people you don’t know in the table, so if you find yourself eating it with others don’t be shy and go for it, or you will find yourself leaving the place hungry.

It’s served boiling, and Yemenis are fast eaters because they like their food burning hot!

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