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Janey and a dreamboat named Jeff both shine, albeit partnered with others at first. Jeff loves to dance although his father is drilling him to go to trade school and is following his heart instead of his father's wishes.

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Helping them to get off on the wrong foot is also Janey's inability to practice when it's convenient for Jeff.

Things are further complicated by Natalie's meddling (she finds out that Janey skipped choir practice to meet Jeff and calls her father to tell, posing as "Sister Natalie").

An excellent opportunity for both girls to get back at Natalie presents itself when Jeff is invited to her coming out party.

At her Catholic girls school, she quickly makes a new friend in Lynne Stone due to their shared love of dance and Dance TV.

When Robert nixes the idea of her traveling to downtown Chicago to try out, Janey accompanies Lynne to the auditions.

At the auditions, an enemy is made of spoiled rich girl Natalie Sands when she rudely parks her car where Lynne is walking.The auditions are going well until Lynne's partner gets her cut (it is later found out that Natalie paid him to have her kicked out).Girls Just Want to Have Fun is a 1985 American romantic comedy dance film directed by Alan Metter and starring Sarah Jessica Parker and Helen Hunt.For many years, Comedy Central, Lifetime, USA Network, Lifetime Movie Network and ABC Family have aired the film.As of 2007, ABC Family's sister network, Disney Channel, owns the rights to the film.Janey Glenn is an army brat who is thrilled when her father, Robert, is transferred to Chicago, the home of her favorite dance show Dance TV.

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