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What isn’t immediately clear to outsiders (“citizens”) is that when a woman puts on a property patch, her man is taking one hundred percent responsibility for her actions.That requires complete trust—and it isn’t given lightly.According to Kim Jones, an MC romance writer whose husband is an officer in a real MC: “Old ladies have a lot of power—they know things, they hear things,” she said. Law enforcement would love nothing more than to get a couple old ladies on the stand to shut down clubs. There’s not a woman I’ve met in these clubs that would put up with this shit.” Another issue that comes up is abuse of women, which some writers choose to portray in their books, and others don’t.

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They are in the minority (many call themselves one percenters, because ninety-nine percent of riders don’t qualify), and what they’ve created is a true foreign culture to the average citizen. I immediately saw story potential, but I decided that my books would be based on solid research. Because one of the core values of MC culture is respect, and it’s not very respectful to write about real people’s lives unless you take some time to learn about them first. But eventually, a true researcher can’t rely on secondary sources for information. Through these women, I’ve come to realize that what we think we “know” about women living in clubs is often based on out of date sources and generalizations that have come from the worst horror stories.

These horror stories are true—but are they typical?

I believe, based on extensive research ranging from interviews to law enforcement sources to sociological studies, that MC culture is so diverse that judging any one club based on the actions of another is unfair.

I think that’s the first thing that readers wonder when they pick up a motorcycle club (MC) romance, and it’s a good question.

MC culture is fascinating, terrifying and utterly foreign to the average reader—and right now it seems to be everywhere we look.

The recent boom in MC romances was probably sparked by the success of , a show that follows the exploits of a fictional club in California. The first time I watched the show, I thought it was ridiculous. While the show is definitely fictional, it’s based on a massive, complex culture that tens of thousands of people have chosen to be part of around the world.Motorcycle clubs are gangs—why on earth would they have officers or vote? That was counter to everything I believed about gangs, and as a former journalist, I just couldn’t let it go. In this culture there are two kinds of clubs: riding clubs, which are the most common, and outlaw clubs. My interviews started something like this: Trust me. But once my first book came out, more than a year ago, something amazing happened. They love the MC books, because it creates a romantic fantasy of the life they’ve chosen—often a difficult life.I’ve also realized that those of us who aren’t part of the culture often judge it harshly based on surface observations, without understanding what we’re observing means to those living the life.One thing that bothers many readers when they start an MC romance are the terms used for women.In a club, women who are married or permanently attached to men are called “old ladies” or “property.” Some of them even wear vests that clearly say, “Property of (man’s name).” That’s appalling to the average modern woman, and I was horrified by it myself.But the women I’ve talked to in clubs feel differently.

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