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Shoestring staat voor een grensverleggende en onvergetelijke reiservaring!Reizen naar verre bestemmingen met een goede mix van actie, avontuur en plezier voor iedereen die passie heeft voor reizen, natuur en cultuur.

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As Dakshana Bascaramurty was growing up in Canada, her father would reveal almost nothing about his past life in rural Sri Lanka.

So when fate took her to the island country, she knew she had to search for the place he left behind.

In the original parable of the crow and the fox, the fox flatters the crow, who is holding a piece of cheese in his beak, into singing for him.

This prompts the crow to drop the cheese, and the fox catches it.

My dad’s version was pretty close to Aesop’s original, except that the hunk of cheese was actually a To a five-year-old growing up in suburban north Toronto, this was an absurd image, and one I added to a patchwork of others in an attempt to understand Sri Lanka, where my parents were from but rarely spoke to me about.

I understood a rough outline of why they and many other Tamils had left their troubled country and made Canada their home.

I know their history in a meta sense, but few of the details. I remember lying in bed reading (a dish made of steamed ground rice and coconut) and prawn curry.

When the after-dinner drinks flowed, my dad’s booming voice would always rise above his friends’, his anecdotes winning out over theirs through a combination of charisma and sheer volume.

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