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While wearing white ribbons, Kotori usually wears her school's signature white uniform with a black tie, a short teal-colored skirt, and long black stockings that reach up to half of her thigh.

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It was not until the present time, five years later, that Kotori personally uses her Spirit powers to save Shido for; this time from Kurumi when he was battling it out in a sense on his school rooftop.

It was not until Shido resealed Kotori's Spirit powers that they finally remembered that event, and soon afterward they later dub the mysterious “being” unofficially with the codename "Phantom." Kotori, being a commander of members would know.

Kotori is a cute middle school girl with red eyes and very long, light coral-colored hair that is usually tied on both sides with ribbons in a variety of colors, called the twintail hairstyle.

She also has an anime antenna hair that always sticks out on the top of her head.

In her "Spirit form," Kotori wears a white kimono and has a pair of horns sticking out from her ribbons.

The ribbons also gain gold flower patterns on them.

Kotori has three different personalities depending on the situation at hand.

that deals with extraordinary beings known as Spirits through peaceful means.

Five years prior to the beginning of "Date a Live," the naive young Kotori was tricked by a mysterious being that turned her into a Spirit.

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