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works, an anonymous writer would "speak" in the name of a historical figure.The gospels, it was felt, would more likely be viewed as accurate, authentic, and persuasive if it was believed they were written by the disciples of Jesus, eyewitnesses to his ministry. In addition, Paul was one of the most fundamental figures (some would argue, more influential than Jesus himself) to what was to become the Christianity of the Roman Empire and the Roman Catholic Church.

At this point scholars can state with a greater or lesser sense of confidence that a book was written by: Most of the New Testament books, other than Paul's writings, fall into the last category.

Figuring out the authorship of the Gospels stands to be nearly impossible.

The Gospels as some finalized collection of the Story of Jesus aren't mentioned in Paul's Epistles.

Scholars try to date a work, again based on language clues (in English, the word "lol" would indicate a book was written after 1990), on references to historical events ('after the temple burned, people were desperate for leadership' - such a line could not be written before 70CE), and references to other writings or people.

Scholars also look for confirming or dis-confirming records in other sources that would list the writing in question.

For example, many of Plato's (Socrates') works were mentioned by name by his students and contemporaries.If two or more works are said to be by the same author, then scholars compare the stylistic markers with each other, looking for inconsistencies.Determining authorship of any historical work generally starts by looking for a claim within the work of who wrote it.Scholars then look at the language used in a text to see if a single voice or multiple voices are present.Such style clues include: Level of education of the writer which is determined by grammatical accuracy, choice of vocabulary, slang or linguistic codes (yo'dude vs. Elohim); knowledge of topic, area, or history (Palin's comments on the Middle East vs., Biden's comments).hello, sir); preferred vocabulary and choice for names of people or important figures (Mr. Those same linguistic clues identifying multiple voices can be compared against the claimed author.

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