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.25 Reprints and Reflections Box*, Charles Edward Smith, Noone. For subscription and collectors' advertising rates see the information blanks in another section of the magazine. WEST END BLS/GET UP OFF KNEES 0 La URA SM I TH( TRUM n ET ACC.) 1 008. IM DREAMER/HAD TALKING PICTURE CO 20 1 0 E 1 HAVE SELECTED FOR IMMEDIATE DISPOSAL 1000 RECORDS FROM MY SURPLUS STOCK. Willis James, Director of the Fort Valley Folk Festival, is investigating the antecedents of gospel sing- ing. And the present writer, with the aid of a Guggenheim Fellowship, is completing a book on main currents in jazz. Clover seems to have drawn from both Grey Gull and Consolidated Recording Corp. Both of these outfits used 3000 masters, so it is difficult to tell which is which. THOMPSON records noted turk murphy's jazz band Creole belle/daddy doo/ the pearls/king chanti- cleer/five aces/clarinet foo yong/mississippi rag/pan- ama The Murphy coterie has scored again and we find our- selves at a loss for new and vigorous superlatives. .25 Jelly Roll Morton Folio Black Bottom Stump, Shreveport, Pearls, Kansas City Stomps, Dead Man Bluet, London Bluet, Cannon Ball and 13 other of Jelly's Greatest. Large Format 25 Louis Armstrong Le Roi Du Jaxx A terrific book written in French with ex- cellent photos. Bob Helm is handling the clarinet, Walt Rose the piano; Dick Lammi has switched from tuba to banjo, and ex-Castler Bob Short (Continued on Next Page) The Record Changer is published monthly by Changer Publications, Inc., 125 La Salle St., New York 27, N. and is copyrighted 1953 by Changer Publications, Inc. BUGLE BLS/PAPA 'SKAG ' STOMP VO RUSSEL ROBINSON (PIANO ACC. CLUB MEETING BLS/u GONNA WANT ME M hazel smith (trumpet acc.) 1007. Tremaine Mc Dowell, chairman of American Studies at the University of Minnesota, is examining roundtable material for use in the classroom. We can list three other Clovers: 1519— Southern Rose (3488-2)/ Then You Know That You're in Love (3496-2) as by Southern Syneopators/ Miami Society Orchestra; 1639 — Roll 'Em, Girls (3758) w/vocal by George Beaver/ My Sweetest Memory (3766) as by Cali- fornia Melody Syncopators/Clover Dance Orchestra; and 1736 — Breezin' Along with the Breeze (3926) /Someone is Losin' Susan (3932) as by Marlborough Dance Orches- tra/Pennsylvania Syneopators. .00 Great Jaxx Sheet Music Folios The Ragtime Folio. Climai Rag, Grace and Beauty, and Six Other Great Rags. .00 Due to continued demand We have reprinted a number of COPIES OF THE SPECIAL LOUIS ARMSTRONG Gjnjnwsi Mahy Qamjla of THE RECORD CHANGER The special combined July-August 1950 issue. At this writing, there are no drums and no regular cornet blowing with Turk. BRKN HEARTED BLS /JEALOUSY BLS I00|, DWN IN 8A3EMENT/TRUST NO MAN RUBEN 'RIVER' REEVES BB 631 4 V PM 12080 v/g PM 12081 N PM 12082 N PM 1 2083 E+ PM 12098 V PM 12215 V PM 12257 V PM 12* 22 E PM 12227 N PM 12284 G PM 12290 E+- PM 12295 G PM 12303 N PM 1 23 1 1 E+ PM 012395 N PM 12395 N PM |24| 9 E+ PM 12438 N I004. RECKLESS DADDY/, LWASY B CAREFUL CAM WALTER ROLAND 450 G 60157 F 8620 V 1 006. As a result of these and similar insights, composer Henry Cowell has become interested in studying the relationship of jazz to the musics of the world. Reverse is Dear One (3490-1 in wax, but 3509 on label) as by Halley and His Orchestra.

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Sex dating in etra new jersey

Here is a band that obviously plays because it likes to, and is trying hard to do its best. THIS IS AN OPPORTUNITY, ESPEC IALLY FO THE COLLECTOR WITH GENERAL TASTE WHO DOES NOT HAVE A LARGE COLLEC T I ON, TOENLARGE A COLLECTION AND/OR ACQUIRE TRADING MATER I AL. AUCTION SHIPMENT VIA BRX 50$ Ml N BID ON FOLLOWING AUCTION ITEMS MILBRED BAILEY ROCKIM CHA 1 R/LI TTLE JOE vo E B8 N FOR SENTIMENTAL REASONS. 2 touis, Negro in Jazz, Ralph Sutton, LP and the collector 50 No. Twenty-two ptcture-and-text chapters: The Legends: Ragtime: New Or- leans: The Original Dixieland: The South Side: The Chicagoans: Blues: Boogie Woogte; Kansas City; Hot Stuff (The Henderson Era): The Orchestras: New York Style I (Red and JUUr T): Harlem Piano: Ellington! It is not my intention to write a review of Ulanov's book (A History of Jazz in Amer- ica, Viking Press, N. In the ar- ticle to which these paragraphs are an introduction, I propose to examine the criti- cal-historical viewpoint of which Ulanov is the most vociferous exponent. As the Institute grows and expands, its activities will become more and more comprehensive. I and porches sleeping in yesterday 's sun are split at the seams, with plaster cracking off in big hunks. Musically, there's no dif- ference that I can tell, but in terms of the intent and content there is a great difference. FATS WALLER B8 1 0091 E-t 39, DAV|0 BURTON OR 1004 V 1 27, MATTY MALNECK DE 2 182 v+ 40. EMMETT MILLER OK 4|905 2|3, ALL STAR STOMPERS :3UTTER EGG/ B PLZ CI 1024 V+ 4| . King Chanticleer is a rousing Barbary Coast stomp with some surprise sounds and a first strain that later became part of a tune called Egyptian Ella. Five Aces is a Murphy original with plenty of down home flavor.

The rapport between audience and musi- cians when Turk is working certainly offers lessons for other jazzmen. ACCOUNT OF LACK OF TIME, I CANNOT LIST THESE RECORDS OR FURNISH ANY DETAILED INFORMATION ABOUT THEM. 11 Firehoust 5, Ragtime a Blues, The Per- feet Label, Billie Holiday 50 Vol. 1 Graeme Bell, Collectors' Stuff, Tail- gate Jazz Band .50 No. A unique picture-history Issue, compiled by the Record Charmer staff with the coo Dera- tion of many photographers, collectors, and musicians Includes many previously unpub- lished photos. That brings up back where we started from, with the tangent idling in the back yard and your correspondent for the Bolden Blade contemplating whether his comments, with some woodshedding, might help to corroborate previous findings by Merriam, Orrin Keepnews and others. The performers — to be an- nounced — will be the best obtainable exponents of the music under discussion. Mahalia Jackson will not sing , a blues song, she just won't. Al I EN RED;kk boogie/old man river OK 6281 E 42 C 0AB CALLOWA Y/M 1 NN 1 E THE MOOCHEP VO 4753 V 130. Anyone with more data on any of the above labels, their operators, tie-ins, listings, etc., is requested to furnish same to us. Due to continued demand We have reprinted a number of COPIES OF THE SPECIAL LOUIS ARMSTRONG dnrnvc AAo Aij Qaajulq of THE RECORD CHANGER Tli* special combined July-August 1950 issue. Helm's final two choruses on Pearls are superb and, for that matter, the entire album is probably his best recorded work. AS AN EAGLE STIRRETH UP NEST/PRODIGAL CO I4U5/ N JOHNNY POODS - CHICAGO FOOTWARMERS 333.

This is one group where house builders are definitely not wanted in the rhythm section. OBVIOUSLY THE MORE YOU BUY, THBETTER THE SELECTION. Jeuy-Aaxstst, issi: St race* Special Pictorial History of Jazz Copies of this Issue have been reprinted and ere available at 11 00 each. The first week will be devoted to folk music — European, African, and West Indian — as it exists in the U. At present writing, the panel members will probably be profes- sors George Herzog, Charles Seeger, Tremaine Mc Dowell, Harold Courlander, and Willis James, with myself as director, plus a repre- sentative group of authorities on jazz. i'm a young woman now you see what that old careless love will do. we used to visit, up in rome." 48 II the chicago seminar (Continued from Page 17) WATERMAN: Of course, there is big difference between gospel hymns and blues, in the minds of people who sing. Probably Grey Gull and Nadsco 1242 would both be the same title as Radiex although the band credits might be changed. We need all the masters we can get, especially the "junk" as the non-jazz is needed to isolate the jazz dates and to show the whole picture of the various master series, tie-ins. We'll be looking for your data at 74 South Road, Harrison, New York (or c/o the Record Changer) and will be back here next month. Foo Yong, a reedy version of Armstrong's Cornet Chop Suey, provides adequate testimony. Murphy makes a substantial contribution on the washboard.

\X OO 1 - ' - S- 1 ■ 0* Scanned from the collections of The Library of Congress Packard Campus for Audio Visual Conservation gov/avconservation Motion Picture and Television Reading Room gov/rr/mopic Recorded Sound Reference Center gov/rr/record for your jazz library xmas gift books Jelly Roll Morton Sheet Music The Miserere 50c The Naked Dance 50c Buddy Bolden's Blues 50c Winin" Boy Blues 50e Mamie's Blues 50c The Crave 50c Dixieland Folio No. What a pleasant change from bop cardigans, duck's rump haircuts, fren- zied ties and pegged pants! 962, 963, 964, WABASH BLS/REV, HARMONICA TIM NEW ST LOUIS BLS /BAD HABITS EP LANG( W. D I X I E STOMPERS HAR 98), THE CHANT/STOCKHOLM STP HAR 982. 1 2" HMV C4870 N BENNY GOODMAN EMALI NE/GEORGE JUBILEE COE NITWIT SERENADE/BUGLE CALL Rj G COE ICC % FOR ALL/BOLT FROM BLUE COE A INT CNA GLAD/GOTTA RIGHT 2 SING COE BREAKFAST BALL « SCMEDA Y SW •— CH . OLO FOLKS SH.(r|M Chp] OK 8465 V— 491 E 771 E 326 N 364 N 482 e*/e 853 V LOU IS ARMSTRONG CCNFESSIN/EXSKINE HAWKINS BLACK AMD BLUE/b ILLY HOLIDAY CHARLIE BARNET(KAY STARR VOCALS ) SHARE CROPPIN BL/SUNSET STR I P— J DORSEY NOBOOYS KNOWS TROUBLE/ EDDY HOWARD I CANT-KEEP FIRES/GLENN MILLER LES BROWN/LUTCHER-KAY STARR BASIE B00G1E-ANVIL CH./FINE BROWN-U GOT TA SEE BING CRUSBY («w. KING GEORGE V ' QUEEN MARY EMPI RE DAY MESSAGE/C OLD STREAM G BAND MESSAGE 2 EMPIRE XMAS DAY 1935 I 2" LAUREL 4 HARDY PERSONALITY EN 501 N COE 5355 E+-/N HMV 281 3 E+ co E 1 742 v+ BR 20048 Et- VI 70038 E HMV 43 1 4 E1- co E 4539 V HMV 8062 V BR 30l 3 E- BR 4033 E BR 403? 7 a 8 Jelly Rail ■enea, ■•■•eau **zz om, Paramount Discog., Willard Reeisea JO Na. 10^-Weert " Nicholas, ' Andy ' Razaf ," ' Big ' Bill! (That certain sections of his book contain new information, some of it both edifying and entertaining, I'll gladly concede, but that is irrelevant to the present discussion.) Eventually, my concern grew to cover a wider area than just the attitudes of Barry Ulanov. All members of the Institute can render invaluable assistance by active field work, personal inter- views, discographical studies, and many other ways that will surely come to their attention. WATERMAN: I would like to know, for instance, if there's any consensus of opinions among the jazz musicians, any homogeneity of opinion concerning a great many things — concerning politics, re- ligion, sports, all sorts of social and economic questions. MILTON BROWN / GOOD MAN HARD TO "IND DE 5070 V— 1 23. This is "West Coast" jazz in its most highly evolved form, exciting and swinging all the way. Most of the tunes were fea- tured in shows of that period. I 3 HIGHWAy/an GEL CHILD PART 2 3|4.4'LL /HELLO BLUES 3|5. HOME LAST NITE/MOTHER FUYEr(w ARp) DIXIE DASIES 325.

More than that, the music-makers fraternize freely with the listeners, and you can't tell them apart from the people! HUM STRUM • I GOT WORRY CO 1 430 E- BING CROSBY ('PICTURE LABEL) L I TTLE HULA HEAVN/SWEET LEILANI* NATURAL THING 2 OO/a LL U WANT 2 DO • LOUISE. BOYS IF U SHOULD EVER NEED/OUT OF NOWHERE GAY LOVE/CWT WE BE FRIENDS JOE DANIELS HOT SHOTS ST LOUIS BLS/ SWEET SUE TIGER RAG/ARKANSAS BL JOHNNY OODDS GATEMOUTH/PERO 100 STREET BL SE 5006 N DUKE ELL I NGTON(*WA rren mills) BLACKBIRDS OD I 928/ST LOUIS BL |2*« VI 35962 Vf CREOLE RHAPSODY/ PART ? MY WOMAN oe E 33|3 E Ml LENBERG JOYS/CALL OF FREAKS DEE 3953 E 8 lue prelude/snowball DEE 3675 V+/E JACK TEAGARDEN (• WALLER ) U RASCAL U/THATS «i'HAT(RIM CHP)* CO 2558 E IVE GOT IT/SOMEBODY STOLE GABIRELS co E 5035 V BLUE R IVER/ LOVE ME BR 6741 E- FRANK IE TRUM8AUER (• B IX ) CRY 1 N ALL DAY/j AP SANDMAN •PAE 21 7f E BASS DRUM DAN/j UNK MAN-NICHOLS BRE 1225 E IM COMIM VA. WHATS MTTER t'OW •OK 40508 1 WANT EVERY BIT/«HATS MATTER(r|M CHP ) OK 8336 E BLACK SNAKE BL . 6 Lonnie Johnson, Roy Carew, Tony Jackson, LP Reproduction, Bunk, Paramount Discog 50 Na. In doing so, it seemed essential to in- dicate, at least briefly and tentatively, my conception of an alternative approach to that of this critic who seems to have a scarcely disguised contempt for the music of those "impoverished" New Orleanians whose stuff, hot from the gutbucket, made jazz possible. The classifications of membership, listed else- where in this issue, provide for this. that may not be the way the old man remembers it, when there was bessie smith, big as life, shouting the tent down, up on n. Let's look into that: what do we know about it and what kinds of research should be done. BEN LIGHT TEM 566 N— 207, LOUISE ENITA ROYLE 1659 E+ 34. GUY LOMBARDO DE 2478 E- 209, ARTIE SHAW VI 2723C E-l- 36. Endless compliments to a most cohesive rhythm section. johnson charleston/i've got my habits on/harlem strut/ vampin' liza jane/harlem chocolate babies on pa- rade/make me a pallet on the floor/loveless love/it takes love to cure the heart's disease These eight selections of "early Harlem piano" were transcribed from piano rolls dating from 1921 to 1926 and by means of an excellent re- cording job, stand as a great monument to an even greater artist.

Chimes Blues, Doctor Jen, Dallas Bluet, and 9 more. 3 Angry, Dippermouth, Easy Rider, Snag lt4 cclkctw'i 4n*m. When somebody says "Man, that gate is sure de- tached," Turk gets a worried frown, picks up a screwdriver and starts tightening the hinges on the front door. 1098 V I 421 N 5|34 N 12088 N 8235 N 1049 N 47 E I 34 N 179 S 387 E 930 N 2501 F 2930 F 986. vt- BLUE LOu/LONESOME NIGHTS co E 720 Et- RHYTHM IS OUR BUS./a LL OF ME co E 501 7 Et- BRE 2443 Et- BRE 2499 Et- Co E 5457 V BR 6090 V+/E co E 2035 N PAE 2 1 I E PAE I I 46 v/vt- DOC COOK 8 1 4 OOCTORS OF SYNCO. FAREWELL BL 4 OR 5 times/got EVERYTHING STRUGGLE BUGGY/DONT U THINK ODJB (ALL 1 2" f, unis sued IN U . C23 N— 2822 Et- 5005 E 501 I vt- br E 20075 E BR E 108 E VI 2094e e/e+ ¥1 21345 vt- 851 5 e/e+ •BB 10429 E •BB 10434 E BR 374l E BR 4028 E VI 23001 E— TIGER RAG/LOOK AT EM DOING IT MAMMY O'MINE/TELL ME CAPTAIN WORKING 4 Me/l OAT MY HEART SPHINX/ALICE BLUE GOWN SOUDAN/LONDON DANCE ORCH SOUDAN/LONDSNCE ORCH LEW STONE ■ctst COE co E co E COE COE co E 736 V 748 V 804 V+/e 8|5 V 824 Vf 829 E 829 V JUNK MAN. HOAGY) WASHBOARD BL/ AMONG MY SOUVENIRS |2 VI 35877 E- CLARENCE WILLIAMS BLUE F 1 VE ( 'STOMFE PS ) JACKASS BL. 5 Waller, Ragtime, Joplin, Paramount and Dodds Discogs 50 No. Discovering that Ulanov had failed dismally to place jazz in a frame- work of time and place, to say nothing of more remote historical factors or a raison d'etre, I found myself typing out copious quotes to which I appended marginal com- ments. Membership Although the Institute of Jazz Studies is built around experts and scientists, its real functioning strength must come from the support — both moral and financial — of the many individuals who simply enjoy jazz and who would like to see it given the attention and recognition frhat it truly deserves. MERRIAM: What about the social and cultural backgrounds. GLEN MILLER BB 10665 E/F 35 j ETPAClfc AY BROADCASTERS 2357 Bl CAM 1 149 V 1 22. Don Kinch, during some of his wilder moments on Panama, is somewhat sugges- tive of Mutt Carey.

Neither do the bandsmen in- dulge in tremendous breaks between sets, during which some of them might deign to awe the peasantry with jive talk. SWING THEM BLS/COME ON IF U COM I N Ma Ra I NEY (VAR IOUS ACC . I ASSUME NO RESONS IB I L I TY FOR SAFE DELIVERY OF RECORDS NOT SHIPPED VIA RA ILWAY EXPRESS. SAWYER /WE., CHICAGO 24, ILLINOIS SALE EVERY RECORD HAS BEEN CAREFULLY AND HONERTLY GRADED TC RECORD CAHNGER STAM)ARDS WITH C0N0ITI0N GUARNTEED OR MONEY BACK IF NOT COMPLETELY SATISFIEC, EXPRESS, SHI '"INC CHARGES COL-ECT, UNLESS OTHERWISE REQUESTED. S.) SWINGIN AT VAIDA VALE/n 1 GHT FALL vo E 4 v+ JUST A MOOD/WHEN OAY IS DONE VOE 1 1 E + SCANDAL IN A FLAT/ACCENT ON SWING vo E 14 N ACCENT ON SWING/SCANDAL IN A FLAT vo E 14 E 1 GOTTA GO/WHEN LIGHTS ARE LOW vo E 16 N TIGER RAG/WALTZING THE BLUES VOE 19 E CARRY ME BACK TWO OLD VA/j INGLE BELLS vo E 39 ROYAL GARDEN 6L. ■ JIVE/SMALL HOTEL vo E 57 vt- Carry me back 2 old va/pussell Im G 1 SOl 9 E 6 bells stampede/sw ING IT co e 62 P. ) KIMN BOY/OH DIDNT HE RAMBLE HEARD BUDDY BOt DEN/HIGH SOCIETY KING OLIVER SOBB IN BL. MUO/THERELL COMA A TIME • OK 40979 F-/E CHICK WEBB DARKTOWN STRUTTERS/ WHEN OREAMS COE 754 N PAUL WHITEMAN(BIX. 4 Lips Page, Chick Webb, Paramount Dis- cograpny, Baby Dodds Discography 50 No. SE'l D *C\.t "Em-TTan CE f-C* any rj R a l l C* THESE ECCk S TC ♦he record changer 125 la salle st. Originally, I had read and re-read Ulanov's History merely ( 1 ) to re-acquaint myself with his view of the 52nd Street ge- ography and (2) to find out what makes his metronome tick. E EVERETT MAGEE 2928 WOODSDALE BLVD, LINCOLN 2 NEBRASKA EDWARD MERKLER 299 RIVERSIDE DRIVE, N. In such a capacity, it could publish a quarterly journal, produce an annual festival with awards and scholarships, nrovide a workshop for practicing musicians, release albums of illustrative recordings, organize a series of integrated forums throughout the country, assemble a photograph and film library, and generally make available to the public information on jazz and related subjects. It requires a good deal of leg work, and its live research, and you have the same degree of urgency that you have in some of your anthropological expeditions, that if you don't hurry up and get there, it'll be gone. The remaining tunes are all carried off in laudable fashion.

tttt Maniple of hew the chart works l.t m upp«u yao pkl up • t»P1 *Hi H.r'l Mm Kfttfta «i tk. In the meantime, all are agreed that no drums is considerably better than the wrong drummer. I AM OFFERING THEM AT 50«S PER RECORD IN LOTS OF 100 OR MORE. 11 — Mahalia Jackson, Porgy & Bess in Berlin, Dill Jones .50 Record Changer Rack Usees Complete since 1944 to Date .00 Any Full Year 3 JO See March 1 952 for complete index. MORAN LOD I WISCONSIN ROY MORSER 203 WEST 35TH STREET NORFOLK 4, VIRGINIA GEORGE MOSS P. The fifth Roundtable, on the subject "From Folk Music to Jazz," will be held this August 16-30 at Music Inn, Lenox, Massachusetts, and is open to the public. ; the second week to the meeting of these foik sources in jazz. throw your trunk out the window, and let the shack burn down. MISS ESI PPIE TRI 0 PIC 49o V 2 | 6 C AL L STAR 1RCH ; CHLOE/ ( TROUBA DORS ) VI 2 1449 V 44. The -1 on Clover and the "A'" on Radiex must both indicate the first take as these two are identical by aural comparison. Please don't forget us; list those discs you have or see with Pathe-Perject masters and any oth- ers fitting into the so-called "small" label classification during the 1920s. Everybody shines and especially Bob Helm who is among the most exuberant, im- aginative, and agile clarinetists to be heard in jazz.

The welcome mat is always out for Don Kinch if he can again make him- self available on cornet, while the drum spot is open for someone who can do more good than harm to the band's present ef- forts. TURNENT I NE BLS/'JESTERN BOUND BLS V THOMAS' DEVILS ( ORCH W. THIS IS A NICE GROUP OF RECORD AND NTO A JUNK PILE. 10 — Rhythnt & Bis., Humphrey Lyttelton, Charlie Galbrath JO No. Meanwhile, until it is in a position to publish its own journal, the Institute has accepted an invitation to have its announcements and reports appear in a special section of the Record Changer. One side of Radiex 1242 is this same title (3478 A4) as by Cosmopolitan Dance Orch. Responsibility for these won- derous red hot doings falls upon the trombone, clarinet, trumpet, piano, banjo and tuba of Turk Murphy, Bob Helm, Don Kinch, Wally Rose, Dick Lammi, and Bob Short respec- tively.

The reason for lack of drums and cornet is basically a lack of suitable personnel within reach at the moment, although their absence is considerably less apparent than might be expected. ILL B GOOD BUT/HE TOOK IT CO 3489 I Ta MPA RED I Ol 0. THATS WEAKNESS NOW/TAINT SO HONEY CO 1444 V — I 013. 1 2399), SOME MEDIOCRE TTEMS IN NEW CONDITION, AND PLENTY OF JUST DARN GOOD RECORDS IN GOOD TO NEW CONDITION. 2 — Old-Time Religion, Collectors Stuff, Para- mount Discography • 3B no. 5 — Fats Waller, Gloomy Sunday, More Stuff on Fats • .50 No. 9 — Knocky Parker, Bessie Smith, Beryl Bryden .50 No. Plans In the coming year, the plans of the Institute are fivefold : first, to continue the assembling of an archive of recordings and literature on jazz and related subjects, available to any qualified student; second, to organize field trips whereby documentary interviews with pioneering musicians may be recorded and fast-disappearing ma- terial on the history of jazz preserved ; third, to aid in the publica- tion of worthwhile studies on the subject ; fourth, to work out a series of courses on jazz at a university level (an introductory course is being instituted at the New School for Social Research in New York next September) ; and fifth, to continue participation in the Music Inn Roundtables on Jazz. One certainty is that the side shown in our cut (3478-1 ) is Grey Cull and appears on their label, Radiex. This is strictly good time hap- piness and dance-it-up music and if you don't dig, you are square with pointed corners or cool, like dead.

For commercial advertising rate card write our New York Office. Now and then Brother Short does some cornet tooting, but he pretty generally sticks to his deep-toned brass monster with the four (count 'em — 4! There is a considerable unanimity of opinion in the group on objectives, and nobody is trying to cut anybody else. HA TEFULL BLS /MAN JUST WONT-OONT PK 8445 E SOUTHERN QUARTETTE 1009. SHO IS HOT BR Paul wh itei,'an(bix t, bing on 7064 N SOME ) |0|2. INCLUDED ARE DISCS BY NOONE , RA I NEY , SM I TH , ARMSTRONG, HENDERSON, HODGES, L I NCEFORD, BAS IE, WALLER, HAWK INS, OD JB, TRUMBAUER, DORSEYS, WEBB, GOODMAN, H I NES, KIRK, SHAW, KRU PA, ELLINGTON, LEW IS, CALLOWAY, BER IGAN, MOTEN, DANDR I D GE, BA I LEY AND MANY OTHER ART ISTS. THERE ARE SOME RARE AND WONDERFUL ITEMS IN FAIR TO POOR CONDITION (EXAMPLE : KEPPARD PARA . 7— Dick Hughes, The Sprinofield Story, Ports- mouth Band .50 No. Richard Waterman, director of the Laboratory of Comparative Musicology at Northwestern University, is studying the general contribution of Afro-American music to the music of the U. It has become clear that the study of jazz affords a key to the American character and our entire civilization. JOHNNY MOORE EXC 703 N— 2 i8, Aft MSsr H0NG lii.:brown gal/leve me lone DE lo? It is possible that those masters with take numbers are Grey Gull in origin while those without takes are Consolidated. Being the first of a series of Columbia LPs exploring the enchanted kingdom of Murphyana, prov- ince of Barrelhouse, there may well be action taken wherein the Murphymen become agents of the UN, spreading joy and breaking up those fighting cats. IM ONLY HUMAN/ILL NEVER STOP BEING DORSEY BROTHERS ORCH 339.

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