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We also like themes with some sort of communications system, where you can manage users from the backend and give them the ability to shoot messages back and forth.

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However, some might argue that this wide range of dating sites, apps and functions are improving chances of folks finding dates, flings and spouses.

Seeing as how this is a booming industry, it makes sense for webmasters to want a taste of the pie.

Ten or twenty years ago, making a complex dating site required lots of development knowledge. Now all you need is an amazing dating Word Press theme.

Some dating sites have ads, while others accept subscription payments.

You can even take a cut of every match that occurs.

What are some other features you’ll want out of a dating theme? After all, many of the people trying to find matches on your website are going to be sitting on the train home from work and flipping through the options.

All of the themes below have responsive designs, so you won’t have to worry about that.

These templates are built for communities, where the users can connect with each other, share images, thoughts, descriptions and more.

The best ones integrate with forum plugins, for discussions about the dating scene.

You can even find themes offering social network features like profiles, messaging and instant liking.

When you run a site like this, you can make money through various outlets.

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