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Though we all know that many fandoms hate to see a sasaeng following their biases, Dara received a lot of praises as she was able to change from an “obsesses fan” to having her own fan.

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Using old photos from G-Dragon‘s Instagram and comparing to that of 2NE1‘s Dara, fans are claiming that the comparing two Instagrams can make it look like any two friends are actually in a secret relationship.

Song Joong Ki discreetly revealed his interest to meet 2NE1's Sandara Park on Running Man.

During the opening of the show, Song Ji Hyo came in as a guest for the second time.

Seeing her from far away, Song Joong Ki thought she was Sandara Park and got excited.

And according to fans, most of the photos of the two YG Entertianment artists having similar photos of identical poses and clothing articles were posted while G-Dragon was dating model Kiko Mizuhara, proving just how ridiculous “lovestagram” evidence is.

2NE1 Sandara Park is known for her 4D personality just like her fellow singer and band member Park Bom and Big Bang’s rapper T. According to Koreaboo, “sasaeng” is a Korean term for an “overly obsessed fan” and is known for being extremely possessive to whoever artist they chose to devote their whole time and life. Now, an ultimate sweetheart in the Korean industry, Dara, unexpectedly revealed that she was indeed a sasaeng when she was young as she keeps waiting for her favorite group outside the artists house. She said that she was a really big fan of the girl group to the point that she even did things like other fans.

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